Conference Schedule


8.15 — Arrival/ Registration/ Coffee (A)

9.15 — Welcome to the conference! An introduction by Jonny and Irine (A)

Presentations Session 1(PH)

09.30 — MONTI Helicona: Improvisation within a multidisciplinary historical approach

09.55 — STUTTART Assessing historically informed improvisation: a case study of solo lute performances in 15th-century style

10.20 — JEDRZEJEWSKI Self-expression (performance)

Coffee break (A)

Presentation Session 2

11.00 PERKS Extended Techniques and Expanded Sound-Palette Specific to the Fretless Electric Guitar (Solo improvisation: 10 – 12 mins.) (PH)SORENSEN The challenge of teaching musical improvisation improvisationally: towards a theoretical framework. (G0/1)
11.25 MAXWELL Sounding Out Varese (PH)WETHERICK What do improvisation tasks reveal in auditions for music therapy training? An analysis of accounts by trainers.(G0/1)
11.50 FILLINGHAM Small-group improvisation in classical music: reflections from within (PH)WILLIAMS Implicitly Explicit: A Theoretical Modelling of the Cognitive Strategies and Processes in Jazz Improvisation Practice (G0/1)
12.15 FILLINGHAM ‘We can do it too!’: A classical improvising duo (PH)BRAND Musical Intersubjectivity in Improvised Music Performance: key aspects of an investigation into ensemble interrelationship through practice research (G0/1)

12.40 Lunch break 

13. 45 — Keynote speaker: Django Bates (PH)

15.15 —  Coffee Break (A)

Presentations Session 3

15.30 MOGENSEN Computational co-improvisation in music (performance paper) (PH)DE CEUSER A Materialistic Approach to Improvisation: Chris Corsano’s “Famously Short Arms (G0/1)
15.55 PHILLIPS Can a Scientific Perspective on Improvisation Avoid ‘Un-weaving the Rainbow? (PH)MCPHERSON Towards a New Transdisciplinarity in Improvised Performance (G0/1)
16.20 HOWELL Digital signatures in the improvisational style of Richard Spaven (PH)JEDRZEJEWSKI Pure Intuitive Act (performance paper) (G0/1)

16.45 Short Improv (A)

17. 15 Dinner at San Vivo Restaurant


08.30 — Coffee

09.30 — Round Table

10.30 — Coffee break

Presentation Session 1

11.00 VENTURI Interlingua (performance) (PH)MILLER “Approaches to Improvisation in Cuban Dance Music (G0/1)
11.25 DEVEK Improvisers kinds of knowing: generating and sharing knowledge AND DEVEK Sensing and imagining movement – piano and voice improvisation (7 to 8 minutes) (PH)SANI Freedoms and limitations of composing with improvisation (performance paper) (G0/1)
11.50 WHITELEY Provoking aspects of power in sonic improvisation (performance paper) (PH)DONOHUE The Improvisers Cookbook: Archiving and Analysing the Assemblage of Free Improvisation (G0/1)

12.15 Coffee break

Presentation session 2

13.00KUBIAK-KENWORTHY The creative value of multitasking – simultaneous violin and vocal improvisation (performance paper) (PH)COOPER Between Focus: Liminality as a Productive Site for Collaborative Improvisation (performance paper) (G0/1)
13.25 BURSTYN CIAO (Communal Interactive Audiovisual Orchestra (PH)GANSINGER The musical practice of collective improvisation as an analogy to the Habermas’ Ideal Speech Situation and its potential for Intercultural Communication (G0/1)
13.50 SHOLL The Unmasking Scene in The Phantom of the Opera: Improvisation in Context (PH)MUREDDU Master of Puppets: A computer controlled group improvisation (performance) (G0/1)

14. 15 Meeting in Phipps Hall.

(A) — Atrium

(PH) — Phipps hall

G/01 — presentation room