Thursday, March 18thFriday March 19th
9:15 AM Welcome; Intro Jonny & IrineWelcome; Jonny & Irine
Session 1
9:30 AMPresentation 1LINDSEY FILLINGHAM Small-group improvisation in classical music: reflections from withinRICHARD PERKS Extended Techniques and Expanded Sound-Palette Specific to the Fretless Electric Guitar (Solo improvisation: 10 – 12 mins.)
9:55 AM Presenation 2MARTIN DEVEK Improvisers kinds of knowing: generating and sharing knowledge + Sensing and imagining movement – piano and voice improvisation (7 to 8 minutes)FRANCESCO VENTURI Interlingua (performance)
10.20 AMPresentation 3RENÉ MOGENSEN Computational co-improvisation in music (performance paper)D HENRY MC PHERSON Meanings in the Moment: Nonsense and Narrative Interactions in Transdisciplinary Free Improvisation 
Session 2
11.00 AMPresenation 1MARTIN GANSINGER The musical practice of collective improvisation as an analogy to the Habermas’ Ideal Speech Situation and its potential for Intercultural CommunicationROBERT SHOLL The Unmasking Scene in The Phantom of the Opera: Improvisation in Context
11.25 AMPresenation 2MELINDA MAXWELL Transformations and Metamorphoses: Structures for ImprovisationSUE MILLER “Approaches to Improvisation in Cuban Dance Music
11.50 AMPresentation 3JAMIE HOWELL Digital signatures in the improvisational style of Richard SpavenROBERT JEDRZEJEWSKI Pure Intuitive Act (performance paper)
12.15 PM Presenation 4KEITH PHILLIPS Can a Scientific Perspective on Improvisation Avoid ‘Un-weaving the Rainbow?ROBERT JEDRZEJEWSKI Self-expression (performance)
12.40 PMLunch Break
Session 3
13.30 PMPresenation 1LIBERO MUREDDU Joy Against the Machine: A computer controlled group improvisation (performance)ED COOPER Between Focus: Liminality as a Productive Site for Collaborative Improvisation (performance paper)
13.55 PMPresenation 2DAVIDE MONTI Helicona: Improvisation within a multidisciplinary historical approachDIEDRIK DE CEUSTER A Materialistic Approach to Improvisation: Chris Corsano’s “Famously Short Arms”
14.20 PMPresenation 3MARIA SAPPHO DONOHUE What mushroom? What free improvisation?: spontaneity in unexpected landscapesDONALD WETHERICK What do improvisation tasks reveal in auditions for music therapy training? An analysis of accounts by trainers
14.45 PMPresentation 4DORIAN BANDY Playing Dumb: Theatricality, Failure, and the Aesthetics of ImprovisationLEAH STUTTART Assessing historically informed improvisation: a case study of solo lute performance in 15th-century style
15.10 PMBreakEnd of day discussion
15.30 PMPresenation 1MAX BURSTYN Communal Interactive Audiovisual Orchestra
15.55 PMPresentation 2GILLIAN WHITELEY Provoking aspects of power in sonic improvisation (performance paper)
16.20 PMPresentation 3NICK SORENSEN The challenge of teaching musical improvisation improvisationally: towards a theoretical framework.
16.45 PMEnd of day discussion
17.00 PMEND OF DAY 1